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Nov 27th, 2013
Ken Lawrence

Keira henninger found a new life with ultrarunning.THEY may well be the world’s craziest athletes. After all who, in their right mind, would run 100 miles over what are often highly dangerous mountain trails for 24 hours or more AND pay good money to do so?

Then again, they might just be the sanest of all of us. Keira Henninger laughingly reckons she and her fellow ultrarunners might be a bit of both, actually. What she has no doubt about, however , is that the endurance sport she lives for not only gets you super fit but also lifts your heart and can mend your soul.

She should know. She didn’t just buy the t-shirt, she was lying on her bathroom floor sobbing into it when, two years ago, she hit the wall in the kind of way she was anything but used to.

Her marriage had just fallen apart and she recalls, “That day, as I lay on the cold tiles of my bathroom, blabbing into my t-shirt like a baby, I was scared. Scared of the future, scared to death about how I was going to support my teenage son Tyler on my own, scared to go forward.

“Thank God, then, that I had my ultrarunning to fall back on. It saved me, helped me not be scared, helped me become the new person I now am.”

Today, she says, she has never been happier or, as director of Leona Valley Trail Races and one of the USA’s elite ultrarunners, more successful.

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